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By the following morning everything was in readiness to put to sea. The anchor was drawn up and with all sail set the Doctor's ship moved northward before a favorable wind. And it is from this point that my story begins.


As he arrived at the little group of straw houses he saw that there was some kind of a commotion going on. All the villagers were gathered about the Chief's hut; speeches were being made and everyone seemed in a great state of excitement. The old Chief himself was standing at the door,五金📅 and when he saw his friend,五金🔩 the Doctor,中国🔪 approaching on the edge of the crowd,中国♏ he signaled him to come into the hut. This the Doctor did. And as soon as he was inside the Chief closed the door and began to tell him what the trouble was.


"Thank you,中国🛄" said the gull. "I am feeling kind of peckish myself. You are very kind. This is the first time I've eaten ship's food inside a ship."

中国五金材料网Then he went to call on the King,材料🈷 as he did every so often. And in the course of conversation John Dolittle asked His Majesty if he knew who the white stranger might be that had called at the houseboat for a postal order.

Jip and Dab-Dab were still plotting to find some way to reach the Doctor. But there seemed to be nothing they could think of.


Then Cheapside got together a gang of his tough London sparrow friends and one night they flew into the palace garden and mobbed the white peacock and pulled three feathers out of his beautiful tail.

The following day the pearls were wrapped up again the way they had arrived,材料🚺 and after a letter had been written by the Doctor explaining to the spoonbill what the "pebbles" really were,材料🌊 they were sent off by registered parcel post to the Harmattan Rocks.中国五金材料网"'You're in the soup,中国📮' said the little men.

"When Noah's family first came out of the Ark,中国🌜" said the turtle,中国📊 "they slept in little beds which they strung up between the stumps of the drowned trees."

"Oh,中国🍎 excuse me,五金📄" said the Captain,中国👛 his manner changing at once. "Master-at-arms,五金👢 release the prisoner."

中国五金材料网CHAPTER I


"John Dolittle talked to the woman"

As the light grew dimmer the calls of several night birds sounded from the mangroves on the left. Too-Too told the Doctor that many of these were owls,五金👓 but of kinds that he had never seen or met with before.


"All right,五金🐶 Doctor,材料🎠 they are ready for you now."


To the Doctor's astonishment the King choked on his lollipop and nearly fell over his chair backwards. Then he ran inside the palace and shut the door.

"Doctor,五金🔲" cried the gull,材料🍛 "we held off the ship as long as we could. But the stupid sailors,五金🐋 not knowing we were trying to save them,中国🍎 turned hoses on us and we had to give up. The ship is terribly near now."中国五金材料网And in ten days' time he went to the prison,五金💈 as he had said,中国📄 to gloat over the terrible fate of the white man. Many of his ministers and generals came with him to help him gloat. But when the prison door was opened,五金🙌 instead of seeing the white man's body stretched upon the floor,五金💊 the Emir found the Doctor smiling on the threshold,五金🏭 shaved and hearty and all spruced up. The only difference in his appearance was that with no exercise in prison he had grown slightly stouter and rounder.

"Aye,五金📼 aye,材料™ sir,中国🈲" said the sailor,中国😚 removing the handcuffs from the Doctor's wrists and turning to go.


"I'll see what I can do for you,五金👡 Doc,五金📘" said the Sparrow,材料🔻 "after I've taken a look around this 'eathen town of yours. But first I want a bath. I'm all heat up from flying under a broiling sun. Ain't you got no puddles round here for a bird to take a bath in?"

"The double letter boxes of Fantippo"中国五金材料网The following day the pearls were wrapped up again the way they had arrived,中国📋 and after a letter had been written by the Doctor explaining to the spoonbill what the "pebbles" really were,材料👻 they were sent off by registered parcel post to the Harmattan Rocks.

"He held scribbling classes for the animals"

中国五金材料网"'You know,材料🍃' said I,五金🏡 'I have only just escaped from captivity. I was kept as a pet by a boy. So far being white has only been a great inconvenience to me. The cats could see me so well life wasn't worth living.'

"Whazhat?" said Dab-Dab,中国💟 sleepily opening her eyes. "Stove's gone out?"


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    "It couldn't have,中国🏣" said the thrush. "I put it into a little hollow in the bark of the bough. It just couldn't have slipped or rolled. Somebody must have taken it."

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    Cheapside's help was,材料🚀 indeed,中国🎲 most valuable to the Doctor. The King himself said that the mails were wonderfully managed. The letters were brought regularly and never left at the wrong house.

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    "The Doctor span the penny"

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    "But this lady was in distress,材料🏮" said the Doctor. "I was in such a hurry I forgot all about lighting the ship. In fact,材料👐 it wasn't dark yet when I left."

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    "'There she is!' said the little girl. 'She's calling to us. Come along,中国🚫 Willie.'

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    "The Doctor lit the candle"

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    "Well,五金🚂 for what parts of the world do you want to know the weather,五金📩 Doctor?" asked the gull. "If it's just for Fantippo or West Africa it will be easy as pie. All you ever get here is tornadoes. The rest of the year is just frying heat. But if you want to prophesy the weather for the Straits of Magellan or Nova Zembla or those countries where they have all sorts of fancy weathers,五金🏤 it will be a different matter. Even prophesying the weather for England would keep you busy. Myself,材料🐖 I never thought that the weather itself knew what it was going to do next in England."

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