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Tea was served at once; and His Majesty seemed so delighted at renewing this pleasant custom that John Dolittle was loath to break the news to him that he must shortly resign from the Foreign Mail Service and sail for England. However,下载👈 while they were chatting on the veranda of the houseboat a fleet of quite large sailing vessels entered the harbor. These were some of the new merchant craft of Fantippo which plied regularly up and down the coast,迅雷🐱 trading with other African countries. The Doctor pointed out to the king that mails intended for foreign lands could now be quite easily taken by these boats to the bigger ports on the coast where vessels from Europe called every week.

The Doctor,下载📟 the gull,下载👊 One Eye,app❣ Dab-Dab,app👇 Cheapside,迅雷🚕 Speedy-the-Skimmer and Too-Too the mathematician put their heads together and discussed far into the night,安装🍑 working out a whole lot more arrangements and particulars for running a good weather bureau. And a few weeks later a second brand new notice board appeared on the walls of the Doctor's post office,app🍍 beside the one for Outgoing and Incoming Mails.


When Dab-Dab entered the postmaster's office with the milk she found John Dolittle reading the letter. Looking at the floor,app㊗ she gave a squawk of disgust.


"Well,下载🐢" said the Doctor,安装👄 "if you haven't got an island we must make one for you."

迅雷app下载安装"There goes the Dolittle fortune. My,安装🚓 but it is marvelous how money doesn't stick to that man's fingers!"

Now the cormorants did not know that war had broken out,迅雷🅿 nor anything about the Doctor's misfortune. And when the Emir's men came and took the pearl oysters they had fished up the birds supposed they were Nyam-Nyam's men and let them have them. However,安装📏 it happened,迅雷⛽ luckily,app💉 that this first load of oysters had only very small and almost worthless pearls in them.


"So there I sat,app🍴 shivering on the river bank,下载💝 in the depths of despair. And presently I saw the sky in the east growing pale and I knew that morning was coming. Daylight! That for me meant more hunting and running and jeering,下载👻 as soon as the sun should show my ridiculous color.迅雷app下载安装"Holy smoke!" cried the Captain. "We've hit him! Look,app📰 Bones is flying the signal of surrender!"

"Anything new in London?" asked the white mouse who was also city bred.

John Dolittle steered the boat up closer still and continued to talk to the woman in a kindly way. But she seemed for a long time to mistrust him because he was a white man. Little by little,app🌛 however,下载🍉 the Doctor won her confidence and at last,迅雷📆 still weeping bitterly,app✡ she told him her story.

Now,app☑ it happened one day that the Doctor came to the post office,app📡 as usual,安装🌱 at nine o'clock in the morning. (He had to get there at that time,下载🌇 because if he didn't the postmen didn't start working.) And outside the post office he found Jip,迅雷😡 gnawing a bone on the pavement. Something curious about the bone struck the Doctor,安装👸 who was,迅雷🚢 of course,下载🙀 being a naturalist,下载⁉ quite a specialist in bones. He asked Jip to let him look at it.

"'What ails the dog?' he murmured to himself. 'Can't be anybody drowning,迅雷🚢 because there's no river near.... Oh,安装📻 all right,app💔 Jip,下载💛 I'll come. Wait a second till I get these brushes cleaned.'迅雷app下载安装"'No,迅雷🐘' I said. 'But I can make a noise like a cat. I learned that from an American catbird that lived in a cage in the stable where I spent last summer.'

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    "'You're a stupid old duffer!' I said. And I left the dye shed in great anger and never went back to it again.

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    "Lor' bless us,迅雷♿ Doctor,app🐓 but you do get yourself into some comical situations! Who would think to see John Dolittle,下载🚦 M.D.,下载™ heminent physician of Puddleby-on-the-Marsh,安装♑ bein' pulled through a mud swamp in darkest Africa by a couple of 'undred yards of fat worm! You've no idea how funny you look!"

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    "Well,app💝 you see,迅雷😺" said the swallow,下载👮 lifting his right leg and showing a tiny red ribbon made of corn silk tied about his ankle,app🌁 "I got this for it."

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    The Doctor told his pet he could be very proud of himself. For he was surely the only mouse in the world that ever won a war.

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    About ten o'clock in the morning Fred,安装🔫 the partner,安装🐉 returned in the little sail-boat from his oyster-gathering expedition. He was very much worried when he heard of the accident which had happened while he had been off duty. Fred,app🐉 like the other keeper,安装🙍 was a Londoner and a seaman. He was a pleasant fellow and both he and his partner (who was now almost entirely recovered from his injury) were very glad of the Doctor's company to break the tiresome dullness of their lonely life.

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    "The rout of the Amazons"

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    Without a word the Doctor sped on up the winding steps of the tower. Round and round he went,迅雷🚫 upward,安装🏀 till he was ready to drop from dizziness.

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